Major stable releases:


Version 2.x

  • Variable time step
    • The pre-processing and the GAMS file have been update to handle different time steps (not only one hour)
    • This is currently restricted to three time steps: 15min, 1h, 24h
    • The input data whose time step is lower than the desired one is averaged

Version 2.4

  • Mid-term scheduling
    • The yearly storage level profiles can now be calculated internally (i.e. without providing exogenous profiles).
    • A first, simplified version of dispa-set is run over a whole year to generate these profiles during the pre-processing phase
    • This option is activated in the config file and is transparent for the user.
  • Flexible Demand:
    • To model demand-side management, it is now possible to define a share of the demand curve as “flexible”
    • In this flexible demand, the load can be shifted from one hour to the other
    • The maximum flexibility is characterized by the equivalent number of storage hours for the shifted load, which is defined as parameter in the configuration file.
  • Power-to-heat units
    • P2HT units (heat pumps, electrical heater) have now been added
    • They are coupled to a heat demand and possibly to a thermal storage capacity
    • COP can be defined as temperature-dependent. An additional input with temperature times for each zone has been defined.
  • Transmission prices have been added to the pre-processing and can now be fully parametrized
  • Fuel Prices can now be country-specific
  • Input data in the csv files can now be defined with time stamps from any year or with a numerical index
  • Post-processing:
    • Improved dispatch plot with shifted, shed loads and electricity consumption from P2HT units
    • Storage levels are now differentiated by technology
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Multiple bug fixes, code improvement and usability improvement.
    • All config files and the example scripts have been checked and cleaned
    • New formulation of the clustering function with significant simulation time improvements
    • The Pyomo version of Dispa-SET has now been removed since it was no longer up-to-date
    • The end-of horizon reservoir level is no longer a firm constraint. A water value can be defined to impose a price on the unmet level requirements.
    • Excel configuration files are now subject to versioning, which ensures backward compatibility with older configuration files.
    • Countries are now renamed into “zones” in all API functions.
    • The option to cache csv file data when loading has been removed
    • Implemented a more robust versioning system

Version 2.3

  • Input Data:
    • A complete EU dataset has been included to the repository for the year 2016.
    • More information: Dispa-SET for the EU28.
  • Reformulation of the reserve constraints:
    • Secondary reserves are now covered by spinning units only.
    • Tertirary reserves can also be covered by quick start units.
    • In total, three different reserve markets are now considered: Secondary up; Secondary down; and Tertiary up
  • Implementation of a new formulation (integer clustering) for power plant related constraints. This formulation divides the simulation time by a factor higher than 10 and allows extending the geographical scope of Dispa-SET. There are now four standard model formulations, which can be run with the same input data:
    • Standard formulation: low capacity or highly flexible units are merged
    • No clustring: all units are considered individually
    • LP clustering: all units are aggregated by technology and binary constraints are removed
    • Integer clustering: a representative unit is considered for each technology and multiplied N times.
  • Improved pre-processing:
    • Improved log message during input data checks
    • New config files to test the different clustering methods
    • Added functions to perform parametric studies
    • Example scripts for Monte Carlo analyses using lating hypercube samplings
  • Improved post-processing:
    • Netting interconnections in dispatch plots
    • New colour palette and polished dispatch plot
    • New fuels included
    • Improved representation of curtailment
  • External dependencies:
  • Python 3.7:
    • Dispa-SET now runs exclusively on Python 3.7.
    • The compatibility with previous Python versions (2.7, 3.6) is not guaranteed anymore.
  • Miscellaneous:

Version 2.2

  • Inclusion of CHP, power2heat and thermal storage (these new features can be tested by running the config file for Cyprus: ‘ConfigFiles/ConfigCY.xlsx’)
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved user interface

Version 2.1

  • Major refactoring of the folder structure
  • New data included in the database
  • Inclusion of the LP formulation (in addition to the MILP)

Version 2.0

First public version of the Dispa-SET model.